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Newcastle Switchboard Repair Services

Newcastle switchboard repair, installation, and upgrade
The switchboard is where electrical distribution begins and ends in your home. The street power brings electricity to your switchboard which then directs the energy through the circuits of your home. Your switchboard is the key to maintaining a solid electrical system. Our reliable and experienced switchboard upgrade service in Newcastle will make sure your family and home remain safe.

The Experts In Switchboard Repairs & Upgrades

Is it time to upgrade your electrical switchboard and meter box at your house or business? Do you think it is time to upgrade your old switchboard with its outdated safety switches and advanced features?

Electrician Newcastle has the expertise, licensing, and attitude to handle all residential and commercial switchboard upgrades, repairs, inspections, or maintenance throughout Newcastle and beyond. Give us a call today!

Signs You Need A Switchboard Upgrade

Below are some signs that your switchboard should be updated immediately.

The switchboards are usually located close to the meter box or at the sides of houses. Your switchboard can become crowded if there is not enough space. Additional circuits for pool pumps, air conditioners, and solar panels can’t be added to overcrowded switchboards. Overloaded switchboards can pose safety hazards.

Flickering lights: There are many factors that can cause flickering lights, such as overloaded domestic switchboards or loose wires. This can be both annoying and dangerous. After thoroughly inspecting your lights, licensed electricians can upgrade your electrical switchboard if necessary.

The fuse should be replaced immediately if it is blackened or melted. Because they are dangerous, you should not touch damaged electrical fuses with your naked hands. It can be checked by a qualified electrician.

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Your appliances can often short-circuit. Older circuits don’t have as much energy efficiency and are more susceptible to short circuits. If there are multiple devices in the current situation, it is possible to overload the circuits. Older switchboards cannot handle multiple appliances simultaneously and are at risk of dangerous short circuits.

Burning smell: If you feel a burning sensation coming from your switchboard’s electrical panel, it could be a sign of an overloaded circuit or defective wiring. To prevent further damage, our expert technicians should be consulted immediately.

Ceramic Fuses: These fuses offer less protection due to their age-old technology. Because the fuse has been in place for so long, you are more susceptible to an electrical fire or fault. When an overload or short circuit occurs, they cannot prevent electric shock.

Sparks: If sparks appear on your domestic switching board, it is likely that there is an issue. An electrical switchboard upgrade will save you from costly damage and electrical shocks.

Switchboard Repairs

What would you do if your versatile device was lost or damaged?

You will now say goodbye to power! Your board will stop working at night or day and you’ll be in the dark. It’s as simple as that: no switchboard or energy flow.

Complete Electrical Switchboard Installation and Upgrade

Modern switchboards come in many different designs. You can mount a transparent or opaque door on the surface of the wall or flush against it. The number of circuit breakers a switchboard has will affect its dimensions. Fox Electricians conducts an investigation of the electrical wiring system and future needs. They also locate the switchboard when conducting electrical rewiring projects.

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