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Newcastle Power Points Services

Best Power Points Services in Newcastle

Do you need a new power point?

Electrician Newcastle can take care of all your powering requirements, no matter if you only need one power point or one that can power six devices and appliances. Our experts are available to assist you with your indoor and outdoor power needs.

Power Point Types

Our electricians can install power points throughout your home. There are many power point styles that you can choose from, depending on your needs and type of home:

  • Power points in stainless steel
  • Power points Slimline
  • Points of power for glass
  • Ceiling power points
  • Matt black power points
  • Desk power points
  • Pop-up power points
  • Smart power points
  • Outdoor Power Points
  • Smart Power Points

To make your home 21st-century-ready, install intelligent power points. These power points can also be controlled remotely via Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and other smart devices. Now your home can function while being simple.

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Different types of Power Points

Power points are also known as general power outlets (GPOs). Back then, homes had one power socket per bedroom or one GPO. You have many options today. These types are briefly described here.

  • Single GPO: This socket is rated at 10 amps and contains a single 3-pin plug. An older home is the most popular type.
  • Double GPO: Modern homes have double socket power points.
  • Power points with switches: It is easier to turn appliances on or off when power points have buttons that are available in both single and double sockets.
  • 15A Power Points – These power points are 15 amps. They can be found in garages or workshops that have heavy machinery.
  • Weatherproof GPO: These GPOs have an IP53 rating and are perfect for outdoor applications such as patios or driveways.
  • Power points with USB ports: Charge your phone or other USB-powered devices quickly and easily with a single GPO or double GPO.

Frequently Asked Questions

My bathroom has a power point. But where do I place it?

The best place to install a bathroom vanity is close to it, but at least 300mm from the basin’s edge. To keep the power point from getting wet, it is important to keep it dry.

Why is my power point switch so stiff?

Cheaper power points tend to be more frequent. A no-name power point has a lifespan of less than one year in most cases. A brand name is more valuable than a no-name because of its longevity and quality.

USB Power Points

If you want to reduce clutter and space, consider having USB power points installed in Newcastle . It is easy and efficient to plug your USB cable into your power point. This will bring efficiency and convenience to your home or business. USB power points are quick and easy to charge your devices. In recent years, USB power points that are stylish and affordable have become more affordable. If you have any questions about power points, please contact our electrician team.

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