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Services for Smoke Alarms in Newcastle

Installation, testing, maintenance, and repair of smoke alarms

Electrician Newcastle can install, test, repair and maintain smoke alarms in Newcastle, NSW. Installing smoke detectors in your home will give you peace of mind. This will ensure that everyone is alerted to the danger and can evacuate the building quickly.

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

You must ensure that your family and your employees are not at risk from fire. Electrician Newcastle provides smoke alarm assessments for your home and business. Our company offers a variety of smoke alarm solutions, including hardwire installation and review.

Different Types Of Smoke Alarms

There are two types of smoke alarms. While both can keep you safe and alert you to fires, it is important that you understand how they work.

  • Ionisation smoke alarms: Fires that flare up release millions of tiny particles that interfere with electrical currents, causing these alarms to sound.
  • Photoelectric smoke alarms: Fire particles are more visible in smouldering fires, so the alarm can detect them and sound them.

Why Choose Electrician Newcastle

Electrician Newcastle is based heavily on customer satisfaction, repeat customers, and referrals to gain repeat business and referrals. We take customer service very seriously. The Service Guarantee gives you the assurance that you will be taken care of, giving you complete peace of mind.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you install a smoke alarm?

The lifesaving power of smoke alarms is undeniable. Because they were responsible about keeping the house safe, did not leave any open flames, turned off their gas heaters after leaving, and followed all safety precautions, people have given their lives to saving their lives. The fire could have been caused by a simple mistake or a more serious problem. However, the smoke alarm always gave family and friends the chance to escape.

What alarm type do I need?

To provide the best possible fire alarm, all bedrooms, living areas, hallways, stairs, and garages should have interconnected photoelectric smoke detectors.

Photoelectric alarms can be used to detect all kinds of fires. However, they are especially effective in detecting smoldering fires. This type of alarm is also less susceptible to false alarms due to cooking than ionization alarms.

Although a fire may start in the kitchen or elsewhere in your home, if you have an interconnected smoke alarm system, everyone in your home will be notified immediately, even if the doors are closed and the music is on. All alarms go off when smoke is detected.

The Smoke Alarm Specialists in Your Area

Make sure your smoke alarm system works to protect you and your family. You can request upgrades, repairs, or testing from Electric Contractors Newcastle.

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